Interview: it is time for a new maintenance model

"We all use elevators, but did you know that the maintenance charge can be invoked even when they haven't moved?" Augustin Celier, CEO at uptime, explains to Guy Clapperton why he believes it is time for a new model and how predictive maintenance and IoT are driving the change to help maintenance companies getting better insights and better customer experience. ⚡️


If you want to change your thinking in a way that’s going to benefit your business right now, you don’t want to know what’s likely to happen in thirty years. You want to know what’s happening now. You want to understand the stuff that’s going on down the road and that you haven’t heard about yet. You want to hear what the competition is doing that you’d have sworn was some way off in the future. You want to listen to the Near-Futurist Podcast. 🎧

💡 About uptime:

uptime’s predictive maintenance technology for elevators provides access to data that leads to fewer breakdowns, less downtime and less costs.

Elevators with uptime’s intelligence system benefit from real-time data to monitor safety, increase performance and modernise the outdated elevator experience, while the availability of transparent information strengthens trust between building managers and elevator service providers. uptime’s brand-agnostic offering allows elevator service providers to grow their maintenance portfolios and improve retention rates thanks to fewer failures and more transparency, while residential and commercial buildings rely on uptime technology to enhance the safety and efficiency of their facilities.

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