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How our predictive recommendations for lift maintenance works.

uptime puts predictivity at the heart of its product! It's a maintenance methodology that consists in adapting its actions to the current conditions of the lift. You invest time upstream where necessary, in order to increase the availability of a machine. It allows you to be more efficient by optimizing your time on site and your trips.

uptime's predictive maintenance is enabled by a set of data collected in real time by our connected device which can indicate a risk of an incoming failure in the future. Our field app then suggest a corrective action to the engineer, to solve the potential problem. There are two main pieces of information:

  • The analysis details what we have observed on the lift
  • The advice is a maintenance suggestion provided according to the observation.
⚡️ Note:

A recommendation is based on only part of the information provided by the lift: the data analysed by our device. It is important to take into account the overall condition of the lift during your intervention. Please rely on your expertise!


For field engineers: predictive recommendations are available directly on their Field © application.

Engineers are now notified when a predictive maintenance recommendation is available for a lift in their park equipped with uptime technology.

They access it as follows:


From the "building" area of the uptime app, the technician can view the number of recommendations waiting to be opened. If a new recommendation has been available since the last consultation, a red dot is displayed. RECO-1-EN-min
In the lift space and on the "IoT" tab, the technicians can view the different recommendations available for this lift. RECO-2-EN-min

Each recommandation shows:

🔥 its criticity level;
👀 an analysis of the problem spotted,
🔮 our maintenance advice,
😁 the level of confidence.

More info on criticity and lower confidence level. ⤵

When closing the recommendation, the engineer can specify whether he followed the advice of the recommendation and give his feedback. RECO-4-EN-min



Reliability levels for each recommendation:

 05.Level5 Criticity:

The type, quantity or frequency of data collected may suggest a greater or lesser risk of an overcoming problem. It is represented by small flames above the title of the recommandation, the higher the number, the more likely the lift may fail because of the spotted problem. 

EmergencyStatus Confidence:

Depending on our confidence in the lift data, the amount of data collected, but also our experience with this kind of recommendation, we can provide our level of confidence in the suggestion we make.


For ops supervisors: recommendations are also accessible from their monitoring portal!

Maintenance recommendations and associated details as presented to the technician are available on the Supervisors Portal.

Predictive maintenance-EN


That's just a start

From day one, our mission at uptime was to make predictivity a standard in lift maintenance. By intervening across the entire value chain, AI allows us to guide the field engineer to concentrate on tasks with high added value, which durably improve the reliability of the unit.

After almost five years, we are more than ever committed to going even further in the development of our technology, allowing our customers to offer 100% preventive maintenance.


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