An upcoming new hardware and new functionalities: our latest product news.

uptime predictive maintenance technology for elevators keep betting better everyday. Our technology is already working on most elevators major brands, and many more ISPs. Being a pioneer on multi-brand controller IoT, our 30-strong engineering team is working hard to make our tech available with more and more manufacturers. Discover our first product update! ✌️

Our controller-connected box is getting a little brother!

We will start running large-scale tests of our new analog box, which will be able to bring IoT services to older, analog elevators. 

Our current box allows connection to modern elevator maneuver cards, via the diagnostic port, which represent the bulk of the market. However, in France as in other European markets, many older elevators still operate with very basic analog technology.

This new box will allow us to connect to these old elevators and to use and analyze their data in real time, almost in the same way as what we currently do on the other machines in our fleet.

Functionalities: This new unit will have exactly the same capacities as the version fitted to digital elevators: analysis of the security chain, traffic, door movement, etc. Only the fault history won't be available, as this type of lift does not support this functions. ⚡️




Our B2B customer interface is getting a makeover!

Recently, we have embellished the interface and functionalities of our customer interface for elevator maintenance companies managers using our technology.


Your unbelievable powers with uptime ⚡️

Consult the history of traffic and door openings of elevators in your fleet and compare them with reference statistics.

See at a glance the real-time status of your elevator fleet.

Provides access to the history of all fault codes reported by our controller box.



💡 About uptime:

uptime’s predictive maintenance technology for elevators provides access to data that leads to fewer breakdowns, less downtime and less costs.

Elevators with uptime’s intelligence system benefit from real-time data to monitor safety, increase performance and modernise the outdated elevator experience, while the availability of transparent information strengthens trust between building managers and elevator service providers. uptime’s brand-agnostic offering allows elevator service providers to grow their maintenance portfolios and improve retention rates thanks to fewer failures and more transparency, while residential and commercial buildings rely on uptime technology to enhance the safety and efficiency of their facilities.

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