New features and more compatibility: our latest product news.

uptime keeps improving! Our team spent the summer working on new and useful features for our customers. Discover our latest product update! ✌️

For supervisors: elevator error codes count:

On elevators equipped with our hardware, you can now see the frequency with which error codes have appeared, over the last 7 or 30 days, and compare the evolution to the previous period. This makes it possible to see if a problem associated with these error codes has worsened recently, or on the contrary if it seems to be solved (for example after applying a maintenance recommendation).



For technicians: predictive maintenance recommandations

Technicians are now notified when a predictive maintenance recommendation is available for an elevator in their fleet equipped with uptime technology!

 The detailed maintenance recommendation is displayed on the relevant elevator page, directly in the uptime technician application.

 Technicians can thus act directly on their elevators and give their opinion on the recommendation provided.


For your elevators: more compatibility

After a few twists and turns, our new connected device -built for older generation elevators- has rolled out and is being tested on a large scale. This will allow supervisors and technicians to access live data on old machines: cabin doors condition, state of the primary security chain, remote car calls and smart maintenance recommendations.


What's next:

Here's what we've been up to:

We're continuing to to test our technology on various elevator types. Our R&D team is constantly working to improve the compatibility of our technology.

In order to continuously improve the quality of our hardware's data, we have developed tools to detect inconsistencies or "suspicious" behavior. We're looking more closely at the data used in traffic statistics, and door openings.

We have started working on setting up email alerts in the event of suspected breakdowns for our customers.

We want to develop a tool that will allow device installers of our customers to systematically validate that an installation has been correctly performed.


Thanks for reading, you'll know more really soon... 😇


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