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Improved navigation for maintenance managers: our latest product news

It’s been some time since we last updated you about our product features. For the last few weeks, we’ve been working hard to provide a smoother experience to our customers, including lift maintenance supervisons, by adding new features to our apps. Here’s the latest news.


For managers: smoother navigation across their lifts park

Managers can use our new search bar to swiftly browse through their lift park. They can now easily find any address equipped with our devices in just a few clicks. Search can be done by street number, borough/ county or town name, or even using the postcode.

Elevator fleet monitoring search

For managers: predictive maintenance recommendations counter and automatic closure

On the fleet or building dashboard, we’ve added a widget to show the total number of active predictive recommendations available assigned to an elevator.

We have implemented a system to automatically close recommendations which are no longer detected after a certain period of time to avoid overloading the dashboard unnecessarily.

Elevator predictive recommendations counter


For companies using our integrations with their CMMS tool: detailed activity reports for end-customers

CSM and Sales teams can now download full & branded activity reports, on a date range of their choice, to send precise PDF files to end-customers. These combine the history of maintenance interventions and actions carried out by the elevator service company and predictive maintenance data provided by uptime.

uptime elevator activity customer report


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Thanks for reading us, see you soon for further product updates.


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